About Me

I'm grieving my brother, Jack Hayworth. We miss you, Jack.


I'm Will Hayworth, a nerd, developer and would-be aesthete living in San Francisco. Some folks know me as λ.

I work at a hyperscale online service provider, where I'm lucky to be learning a ton with really smart folks. For more, check out my professional bio. I've also done some research with my close friend and collaborator Lal Zimman.

When I'm not debugging Internet plumbing, I garden with my partner and snuggle with our cats. For more, check out my personal history.


Contacting me

I deal with, among other things, anxiety and ADD, and I struggle with executive function and feeling overwhelmed. I'm trying to improve here, but what this means is that I have basically two modes for doing a thing:

Accordingly: if you have something urgent for me, be upfront about that and don't hesitate to remind me to follow up. (I'll appreciate it.)

My email is will@willhayworth.com. My inbox is over-full. I offer no SLA for responding. If you haven't heard back from me, feel free to reach out via other platforms (see links below).

Current projects

Getting my shit together

I first registered willhayworth.com in 2004. (On the Internet, nobody knows you're a pre-teen.) I also have ADD and a lengthy history of starting more projects than I finish; that, plus procrastination and varying desires to detach from tech outside of work, is a big part of why, prior to early 2021, this site had been last updated in 2013. I've since been motivated to revamp it for a few reasons:

It's been challenging to feel OK about prioritizing any of this because of the other major overdue items in my life, but here we are.

Ham radio (KN6DKG)

Learning Rust 🦀

This site is built with Zola, an amazing Rust static site generator.

fn foo() {
    // Don't panic

Learning networking

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