About Me


I'm Will Hayworth, a nerd, developer and would-be aesthete living in San Francisco. Some folks know me as λ.

I stay fed working at a hyperscaler online service provider, where I'm lucky to work with really smart people and to be learning a ton. For more, check out my professional bio.

When I'm not debugging Internet plumbing, I'm smothering my senior rescue cat, Baby bear, with kisses. I also garden with my partner (and love his kitty!), and do research with my close friend and collaborator Lal Zimman. For more, check out my personal history.


Contacting me

I deal with, among other things, anxiety and ADD, and I struggle with executive function and feeling overwhelmed. I'm trying to improve here, but what this means is that I have basically two modes for doing a thing:

Accordingly: if you have something urgent for me, be upfront about that and don't hesitate to remind me to follow up. (I'll appreciate it.)

My email is will@willhayworth.com. My inbox is over-full. I offer no SLA for responding. If you haven't heard back from me, feel free to reach out via other platforms (see links below).

Current projects

Getting my shit together

I first registered willhayworth.com in 2004. (On the Internet, nobody knows you're a pre-teen.) I also have ADD and a lengthy history of starting more projects than I finish; that, plus procrastination and varying desires to detach from tech outside of work, is a big part of why, prior to early 2021, this site had been last updated in 2013. I've since been motivated to revamp it for a few reasons:

It's been challenging to feel OK about prioritizing any of this because of the other major overdue items in my life, but here we are.

Ham radio (KN6DKG)

Learning Rust 🦀

This site is built with Zola, an amazing Rust static site generator.

fn foo() {
    // Don't panic

Learning networking

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